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Sunday, November 27, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016: 3/4

Only one more week (well, three days) of NaNoWriMo 2016, then it'll be revise or continue writing if the story isn't done until, well, until I feel a need to stop.  The problem?  I've only recently hit the 5k marker.  So, NaNoWriMo is almost done and I've only managed about 1/10 of the necessary words to complete my task.

Don't worry, though.  Even if I don't hit that 50k word count goal, I managed to work on my story, and I think I even came up with a title for this particular fanfic: The Librarian's Hitter.  It may still change, but currently, it's a work in progress and sometimes I like what I'm working on.  Then I'll hit a rough patch and try to work on some other section only to realize that rough patch is almost integral to how this next section is going to play out.

This is particularly true because the fanfiction I'm working on will eventually deviate from the actual canon.  Currently, it's very similar.  The biggest differences are some background information and some of the events that occur "off screen", like when they're researching in the third episode or the trip from Oklahoma in the pilot.  I've taken liberties that mean some of the information about the on-screen events will be changed.  By the end of the first season, there's going to hopefully be a lot more maneuverability for me, though, having seen season two, finally, it does mean a huge number of changes to a few of those episodes.  The one I'm going to have the most fun with will be the episode involving Holknolote (did I get that right?)

Anyway, keep writing out there and don't be worried about that deadline.  Even if you fail on the grand finale, you managed something which better than not even trying.  Besides, maybe you learned something new or made some new friends?

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