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Sunday, November 30, 2014

NaNo Update 5/5

Today was the final day and while I technically still have just over an hour left, I'm throwing in the towel.  Not because I'm giving up, no, but because I'm falling asleep at my computer desk after spending the day doing everything except work on my novel.  Go figure.  Even after adding in my NaNo updates and the little bit I did on a few other stories, I wasn't able to hit the 50,000 mark.

Luckily, I don't honestly aim for such a lofty goal.  No, what I do is set my sights for a much lower number and then increase in increments of 5,000 as I continue on.  I'm happy with myself.  I managed to reach 10,000 words.  Even with all my procrastination and avoidance of this particular story I managed to hit 10K!  I think I deserve some hot cocoa before bed.  Well night, all.  Hope you managed to at least start a novel during the craziness that is NaNoWriMo!

Monday, November 24, 2014

NaNo Update 4/5

No excuses for this being a day late.  Absolutely none.  I am sorry.  I haven't much more to update on my story.  Yes, I know a few names for my characters, but I'm not even at ten thousand words and again I have no excuses.  At least it's more than a big fat zero on the page, right?  I'll be spending time working on my Nano story whenever I'm not at work or outside the home, well better get back to it!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

NaNo Update 3/5

Almost 20000 words behind, but at least I hit that first five thousand and have been working on my novel, right?  I know I'm a little behind...okay a lot behind, but is it really so bad for me?  I write when I can and when I end up being the one to take the dog out because my husband can't take the hint to take her out...Let's just say that I might have had a few thousand more words written if I weren't trying to ignore the fact that my husband and dog conspire to keep me from doing things that I may want to do, or listen/watch what I want...

Thankfully I have tomorrow off from work as well as Thursday so I can hopefully spend the bulk of that time working on my novel.  How about you?  Are keeping with where you want to be or are you like me - lagging by the tens of thousands?

Oh!  I figured out the final victim of the main female character's first name - Jasper.  It came to me as I was doing this past Wednesday's write-in!  Just as one of her coworker's names did...Val, as in Valerius.  Seriously.  He wanted a name that started with V and wouldn't tell me until I threatened to write him as a Vernon.  He quickly revealed his name after that.  Still don't have my main female's name, though I now also now her "soul mate's" name...as I can't really call him anything else without referring to a thousand others in that world.  Oh well.  At least I've gotten somewhere with it, right?

Sunday, November 9, 2014

NaNo Update 2/5

At this point in time, I'm still around 12000 words short of the daily goals, but that's partly due to my inability to type quickly, without correcting mistakes, and with only one hand.  Each of the write-ins I've listened to (listening to the ones from yesterday at the current moment) have been incorporated into my story if I chose to write for the write-in.  I know it's still not much of an update, but at least it's something right?

Oh! I almost forgot!  I have two names for the story determined for certain.  There was a list that included random names of the main female character's past lovers while speaking with a man that she's interested in, but some of the names are likely to change.  The name of the Man-Eater's first victim was decided as it came to me suddenly and The Voice keeps giving me inspiration for this story.  If it didn't keep giving me the perfect pieces of inspiration, I'd probably put a stop to watching it until NaNo's done.

The reason why I have to say that is that while the Jolene duet gave the premise for the start of the story, it's singers are the inspiration at least look-wise for the first and last targets to be "stolen" from.  Then Gwen gave Craig a make-over and it was perfect for the final "stolen" man.  I almost determined his name at that moment.  Of course it's only their first names, so there are still a lot of names needing to be determined, and some that may change.

How about you?  How far along are you in your NaNo goals.  Do you have information that just isn't forthcoming from your characters or hit a roadblock already?

Sunday, November 2, 2014

NaNo Update 1/5

So this is my first NaNo Update as promised.  With only two days of working on this story, I'm already behind on the word count and still have no names for my characters or a title for the story or even a cover, but I have it started.  Seeing as I had to work on day one of the writing marathon and then slept most of today, that's better than I thought I would do.  Now I've given the first update about my NaNo novel writing work, I'm going to return to my story.  trying to hit 1500 before bed tonight, because I've got a nice little list of things I was going to do today (including write for an hour) that just didn't get done, thanks Dreamworld!

For those who are also attempting NaNo, I seriously hope you're doing better, and if you aren't, then get to writing!  It's not that hard if you don't edit, except to add in descriptions, anyways.  Besides, it's only just begun.  There are still twenty-eight days to try to reach 50,000 words and with the virtual write-in on Wednesday, who knows what new things could come out!