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Friday, August 15, 2014

SoBe and Harry

So here I am reading a Harry Potter fanfic on AO3 and open a SoBe green tea.  I don't know if you've ever had a SoBe, but the lids always have some sort of saying on them.  I've gotten some that were just ironic for what I was doing or what our party in D&D were doing or things that were funny.

We also had a rule in one of our D&D campaigns.  If you had either a shirt or SoBe lid or some other item that could be associated with the current campaign it was an automatic temp bonus to the stat that aided your character most.  I must admit my d6 earrings paired with my SoBe lids always seemed to gain me a better temp bonus than others...Then my short range fighter was regularly paired with a long range druid and was best friends after spending almost a millennium in a time loop with the party's cleric....The druid and I were nigh unstoppable, nothing seemed able to beat us!

Anyway back to the irony of tonight's SoBe cap.  Here I am reading a Harry Potter fanfic when I open my SoBe green tea and read "YER A LIZARD HARRY".  I am not joking.....Maybe eventually I will edit this post by adding the pic of the lid...Although if you drink SoBe you've probably seen that one.

Do you have any ironic SoBe cap stories?  Go ahead and share them!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

County Fairs

Okay, so I meant to write like two weeks ago, but I decided to host my own pity party since I couldn't go to San Diego for Comic Con or Nerd HQ.  Then I was mad at myself for not writing, but seriously, the only thing I could have written about was what I was missing.

I mean, they have so much every year and even if I hadn't been working, I'd have had no money to go.  Then last weekend was the county fair where I live.  Now I've been to county fairs and they've always been disappointing for me.  In the beginning we just didn't have the money, but as I now can spend money that I want on what I want, I find little that I actually want.  I know that sentence is most likely a run-on, but I don't feel like fixing it.

I find the shorter town "drunk fests" or festivals are often better thanks to the parades, a better variety of both games and rides, and, sadly, the entertainment.  I've heard that my current county's fair tends to be better than the last one I would go to, but I was even more disappointed by it.  Between a lack of prizes for older generations as well as the lack of rides for the elder fair goers and the lack of interesting booths and events for those who would go later, even though they had a parade (which I had to work during), I felt that it was a let-down.

I like to think I'm rather easy to please when it comes to enjoying my time out.  I don't complain that often and am more than willing to bypass things that I want to do in favor of something someone else I'm with wants to do.  Having said that, I couldn't find anything that really appealed to me.  Games like Pop the Ballons and Ring Toss had poor prizes if one were to win, and almost every single ride was more for the younger children, not even teens, but children than anyone else.

This isn't to say that county fairs don't have some awesome draws for them or that they are all the same.  It's just one of those things that I remember TV and books making them seem so much more interesting and to have so many more attractions than what they seem to have nowadays.  I still go for funnel cakes, but other than that, what happened to what we were brought up as believing to be the county fair?