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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Resolutions for 2015

It's New Year's Eve and most are likely getting settled in to enjoy ringing it in.  This is a holiday unlike most others and for the Gregorian Calendar occurs on December 31st while January 1st is the start of the New Year, so let me first type you all a "Happy New Year's!"

Now that that's out of the way, everyone has different traditions.  Some go out to party; others stay in.  Of those going out, some only go to a local hangout spot like a bar or bowling alley, or perhaps to a friend's place.  Other's will go to public displays ringing in the New Year, like Madison Gardens or their town bash (Greenville, IL has it's bicentennial kick-off party tonight and some will likely celebrate the New Year thusly.)  Some will watch various shindigs on TV or some New Year's special like what occurred for Christmas.  But they are all either following a tradition or trying to start a new one.

Of all the traditions out there, only one have I heard or seen regularly perpetuated (besides staying up to midnight) and that's the New Year's Resolutions.  I actually have a memorable year where I was determined not to have any resolutions because I wouldn't keep them, and I knew it.  I failed.  So this year, I'm going to share a few of my resolutions here.

#1) Keep up with my blog.
I know it's only just started, but my goal was to blog a minimum of once a week, sometimes more, not once a month.  I managed barely to keep to my Sunday Updates during NaNoWriMo, but otherwise my blogs are severely lacking and for that I must apologize.  Hopefully 2015 I will be able to follow my original plan.

#2) Project Noah
This was something that interested me because it's goal is to document wildlife around the world.  I like to travel and maybe one day I'll be able to visit more places, but as it is I don't know what everything is.  I think it would explode my head if I did.  Not only can I upload pictures of local flora and fauna, getting pictures of squirrels outside my window or a bird's nest in the mailbox(yes this did happen.  I never got a photo of it which saddened me,) but if I don't know what it is, I can ask for aid in it's identification.  It's not just for plants and animals either.  There's remains, eggs, larva, and nests available to be photographed and identified.

#3) NaNoWriMo
It'll be my third year this year and I'm determined to win this time.  Let's hope my determination is still there come November!

#4) FanFiction Uploaded
Yes, I read and write fanfiction and tend to do most it while playing with Harry Potter.  I know, I should probably try something else, but sometimes it's just a bit easier to play with known issues.  I have two works currently published and still in progress on FanFiction.Net, but I also have numerous more sitting on my computer or in notebooks.  Some of these include (but are definitely not limited to: Harry PotterXCharmed; Harry Potter time/dimension travel; Harry PotterXCircle of magic (Tamora Pierce); Harry PotterXLa Cordo D'oro; and Harry PotterXYu-Gi-Oh(two of these, one where Harry is Seto; the other one - Harry is Joey.)  I'll reread some of them only to get mad at myself because I can't figure out how to keep it moving.  Sometimes they're dry-runs for an idea for something else.  Most of the time, they are what-if scenarios that are fun to let run wild.

Well, that's all I can think of currently.  Got any resolutions you're willing to share?  What are your New Year's traditions?  Remember to be safe out there tonight and have fun!

Viruses during the holiday? Mostly scam.

I know it's been a while.  Between Thanksgiving, finishing (or trying to finish, anyway) my NaNo, my birthday, Christmas and now the New Year I thought I wouldn't be putting anything up until the New Year, but then as I reading before bed on my Kindle Fire a fanfic on Fanfiction.net, I dozed off.  I may have had a random show on Hulu as well...

Anyway, I shake myself awake and check where I'm at in the story only to find I've been locked out and have to pay a fine or wait until an investigation by the FBI is finished, but there are no dates and my desktop and husband's (who happens to be at work) are both fine.  It didn't make sense that I could still download items to my Kindle, but I could not even pull up the last webpage I had looked at, so I took to checking into ways of figuring out what had happened.

I could barely manage to look at my history to figure it out that way or rather clear the cache, hoping that would help.  It didn't.  Finally I shut it down while I put in because of the website and alleged crime "is porncheck a scam" on my desktop's search engine.  Turning the Kindle back on and choosing to go to the web again, It gave me the option of restoring tabs.  Of course I did, not thinking and had the same issue, so I shut it down again.

Upon turning it back on, I did not restore the tabs.  It seems to have cleared the scam out.  Part of what made it so suspicious is I know someone that was accused of child pornography on his computer.  Heads up, they don't lock the device remotely in the middle of the night.  Just informing.  Hopefully this helps if someone else has an issue, but at least it didn't happen when I came down with the flu.  Talk about a disastrous end to an epic D&D session!