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Sunday, November 20, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016: 2/4

So, here's a quick update, what with Thanksgiving coming up and a busy week baking and possibly doing some other cooking, I'm going to seriously try to catch up to where I need to be...marathoning write-ins will be occurring likely tomorrow.  Thank goodness I took some much needed time off for this week!  I have yet to reach 5k.

Okay, truthfully, I may have hit the 5k, but between working on other projects that catch my attention, school work, two jobs, housework, and making certain that we have actual food at least once a week, not everything has been accurately counted.  I think the official current word count is still below 4k, but above 3k.  This is likely to change after this post, but I'm just trying to focus and am having a hard time keeping to one thing at a time.  If you have any suggestions, I'll gladly read them, but be warned, I don't take well to time management tips.  Very few work out and, yes, I'm a severe procrastinator, as evidenced by inability to keep to my own schedule in check when it comes simply to a blog.

I am trying, though, so I'll let myself have a piece of strawberry cake with s'mores icing, maybe.  Those watermelon pop tarts sound even more intriguing than cake does, though.  I wonder if Ezekiel would try to eat them?  Maybe I'll have that as a little excerpt for my crossover....

Anyway, for those who are actually attempting NaNoWriMo, keep writing, and have fun.  For those who are about to have a fun-filled week getting ready for Thanksgiving and then the winter holiday fun immediately after  -  good luck, we're all going to need it this year.

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