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Sunday, January 1, 2017

New Year 2017

Welcome to my first post of 2017, done on the first of the year.  Corny, I know, but I couldn't help it.  Anyway, Happy New Year's to all and hopefully I can get back to typing up these once a week.  I know, I still haven't carved a niche for myself and these are still somewhat sporadic, but I promise I am trying.

I thought about starting my Holidays series today, only to realize that I'll have to probably start it later this month.  I'm really late on typing up this post, but I am determined that something other than my Pokemon GO journey in 2017 is going to start out correctly.  I am determined to get this Holidays series started, though.  When I get it started in its first post, I will explain more about it.  Yes, my first post is hopefully going to include information (probably only a paragraph or two) about New Year's Eve and Day.  Eventually, (most likely at the end of this year) they will receive their own post.

Other posts I plan on writing out include my DCOM 100 article referenced first in Catch Up and NaNoWriMo, a Six Flags post (this will include a link to a review based on the short amount of time my husband and I spent there), and something about some of my writing and fanfiction thoughts.  When it comes to fanfiction, if a reader reads one of my ideas and wishes to write their own version, they are more than welcome to.  I will not be offended and will more than likely be proud that someone else actually liked my idea.  If a person is impatient enough on currently being worked on stories, hopefully, they will try to help me find the muse for said stories again.  Just a heads up, some start as dreams and others I've been stonewalled because of the loss of progress that I had already completed.  I also do plan to get those D&D series going soon, but it's getting a bit hard for me to keep track of everything I want to post on.

Even my cooking series has had to take a backseat to any number of other things, but hopefully, with this fairly decent start, things will keep in a generally good direction.  I promise I haven't stopped writing or posting, it's just that real life tends to avoid allowing me to just take a few days to be generally worry-free.

I mentioned that my Pokemon GO journey for 2017 has started out correctly, and I guess I had better explain this so that it can be understood a little better by those who actually play the game.  My husband and I decided to spend the time after we got up this morning hunting for pokemon that we just don't have.  With the current event, we weren't that worried about the original starter Pokemon, nor were we worried about pikachu.  In fact, the first pokemon we decided to go for was seel.  Seel was reported to have a nest on about a 45-minute drive from where we live, approximately, so we decided to check the spot out.  We were there for an hour and managed to see ten seel, two magikarp, and a bulbasaur.  I also hatched a pichu, smoochum, magikarp, and voltorb.  After that hour, we decided to go to a known water-type nest, where we caught enough magicarp that my husband finally got his first gyarados and to top that off we caught two dratini! We also caught a couple of ditto, a bulbasaur, and saw/caught numerous other pokemon, but I really don't feel like looking them all up again.

Here's to hoping your New Year's Eve was fun (we played a horror-based D&D campaign) and that your first day of 2017 has at least been good, so Happy New Year everyone!

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